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the man

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The New York Times coming out with a killer article on the magic that is Kilian Jornet is not the breakthrough of this guy, he has been creating waves for a while. Collaborating with Salomon to create the Kilian's Quest series. And then there's his mindblowing individual project entitled Summits of My Life. Oh, and the fact that he's been running in the mountains since a baby, basically and racing out of his mind on an international level. Are you in love yet? 

To know the backstory, running history, race breakthroughs, how he trains, (and on and on and on) of Kilian could be a full-time gig. (and if that is a real job out there I would like to have it) For now, until I amp up my Kilian knowledge- it doesn't suck to hear what his philosophy and "list of values" he has created for his Summits of my Life project are ..
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 No one told us what we were. No one told us we should go. No one told us that it would be easy. Someone once said that we are our dreams. If we don’t dream we are no longer alive.

We walk in the footsteps of instinct leading us into the unknown.

We don’t look at the obstacles we’ve overcome, but at those we’ve got ahead of us.

It’s not about being faster, stronger or bigger. It’s about being ourselves.

We’re not runners, alpinists or skiers...we’re not only sportspeople...we’re people.

 We can’t be sure we’ll find it, but we’re going in search of happiness.

With simplicity.

In silence.


What are we after? Might it be life?

| source: Summits of my Life

Seriously, what are we after? When I say we, I am trying to make this some rhetorical question to the universe because in my head I am like - Whaaaaat am i after/ Whaaaaat am i doing with my life? I am taking on Kilian as my life coach/guru, am I crazy to think this is all applicable to basically everything; the fear of trying to figure out what you are doing with your life, growing up, life changes, big girl jobs, etc.. 

Not crazy, right? Never stop dreaming, keep dreaming, and then dream bigger. It's all (yeah, I said it ALL) instinct, trust your gut, screw the plan, screw knowing. Be you and own that (and then keep getting faster, better, stronger). Don't assume happiness, don't expect it to happen, live simply, live fully and responsibly and enjoy the search. Because when it hits you, it's good. Good in a way you didn't know could be so good. Good in a way that is so simple maybe you sometimes miss it. And then it hits you again and you are like damn, there it is. Happiness. Jumping in the lake after a long summer sports bra run, I am talking to you. Happiness.

Monday, March 25, 2013

girl be craving spring.

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we'll call it the 'girl-be-craving-spring-mood-board'. i can feel it people. my iphone forecast has me dreaming of sunny high-40's ahead. 

if you really want to go crazy (and you probably do)- leave work today, windows down, sunroof open, this song blaring. 

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