Thursday, September 27, 2012

no such thing.

there's no such thing as coincidence.

my sister said this to me on the phone today. we happened to be discussing our fear of choices, decisions, committing to something, picking right, the consequence of the wrong, if there is a right or wrong, why can't we nanny forever and avoid choices... the conversation went a little something like that. so amidst the spotty service that exists when you have a sister trailblazing the parkways of the hudson valley, some serious life talk happened.

the question came up about what it means to be comfortable, and helloooo what in the world is wrong with being comfortable, with being happy with you are and where you are at and what you are doing...
 is that necessarily a bad thing? it seems like there is so much loaded into this, right? comfortable. it's SUPER loaded. it's settling, it's mediocre, it's fear, it's holding back, it's a good thing, it's safe...

where taconic parkway met downtown minneapolis i believe we hit a realization. yeah, what the f is wrong with being comfortable anyway. whatever that means and whatever that looks like changes daily. but to be comfortable with you are and where you are at, that's beautiful, that's cool, that's the dream.

we continue to challenge ourselves, we continue to explore and see and discover more. but loving who you are and where you are at in a sense of place and rooted-ness- if that is comfort. i dig it.

the challenge i think comes when we learn to grow out of the 'discomfort' of change, of new, of transitions. to be uncomfortable with with a new sense of comfort, an unknown comfort that may exist in something new, in someplace new that's where i think we can get into trouble, where we can get stuck, where we can hold back...

the sister spoke the truth today. there is no such thing as coincidence. because we end up thinking about discomfort one day, and then comfort the next. 

p.s. as a side-note, a pairing if you will. i might suggest listening to this song as well

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


poser written by Claire Dederer. have you read it? if not jump on it. i had a moment today..  a re-memory moment of one of my favorite lines from the book. naturally, i happened to be in half pigeon.

"what is discomfort? what does it feel like? is it really pain or are you just in an unfamiliar situation? that's an ok place to be"
| claire dederer | 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

wise words

so we run around, we live chaotic lifestyles, we make ourselves busy so we can't stop and think about what we are doing with our life.....
like what we are really doing with out life. we avoid because we are afraid of the answer. 

but my life guru/soul sister/really really great life mentor just imparted this gem of wisdom- as the youngest, the creative thinkers, the all-over-the-place free spirits (that all of us really are) living, feeling like we are going nowhere with out life, or feeling stuck, or wanderlust, or dreaming of all these great and bigger places, jobs, people to be. but this is not lost, it is not us failing, it's all part of the process, it's all us creating our own personal methodology. 

best thing you have heard in a long time, right? yeah...

so all of it, all the chaos
the back and forth from minneapolis to saint paul
rushing from work to physical therapy to meetings
 rushing to the next, living out of your car, never brushing hair
trying to read and learn about cool companies doing cool things
searching, exploring, falling in love with a new place
endless bags of clothes for every workout necessary in the car at anytime
getting to play/nanny the coolest kids i know, jamming out, going for fro yo
tackling rush hour to make it to yoga
surviving on coffee and kombucha....

it's all part of my personal methodology. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

the company you keep.

you know those places you always go in your hood that feel like home. those places where they know your name, your coffee order, your spot, your life story. it's nice right, to have places like that. to be in a city where you can find your home, find your people. 

| whole foods market saint paul |
| 128 cafe |
| core power yoga grand avenue |
| the plaza on a sunny day, because that is where we would be | 

Saturday, September 1, 2012


because sometimes you just gotta believe in running away making everything okay.

"I travel a lot. I don't have a place of my own. I don't really know what I want to do in life. But spending time in places like this makes me happy.Everyone has their places and activities that make them happy. And they change over time. The ones that last are the ones that matter. Challenge, fear and discomfort can be good, but the places that provide a sense of comfort feel most like home. The world is so beautiful."
dakota jones |