Wednesday, September 25, 2013

word of the day //

Let's start something here, huh? Shall we give a word-of-the-day a go? I can promise it will be totally random. I will also promise pictures. So, we have that going for us. 

Friday, September 20, 2013

round it up // minneapolis

I just can't get enough. Made in America is not trending, it's here to stay, people. And TAE knows how to do it right. Interviews, stockists, features with the people who are making in America: she's got the low down. Just imagine how great this is going to be for holiday shopping ideas.

2 // Spruce
I've said it before, I'll say it again: flowers are magic. And a place that sources and curates such beautiful flowers is a dream come true. Wanna know something even cooler? They have opened a second shop on 50th & France.

3 //  fresh starts at a new office.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

summer got full.

If the goal of summer is to live as chaotically as possible, I think I managed. More often than not I was in my swimsuit until the sun went down, my car had a constant supply of sand on the driver's side, I ended most days with that sun tired feeling in my bones and I consumed enough watermelon to feed a small (ok, fine, large) army.

There was a significant amount of time NOT doing certain things, so girl had to get creative. Enter: Gold Medal Park and Minneapolis city lakes. Some may say I overstayed my welcome in both places- the cost of overstaying your welcome in the lakes, not something I want to experience again. E.coli, next year I will defeat you.

So, summer got full. A lot went down. Most of it I loved, some of it kicked this latcher in the ass. 

// As per most seasons, spent a lot of time at Whole Foods. At times, in the parking lot snacking on dried fruit conversing life plans with the St.Paul staff. It happens. 

// Al fresco dining was the name of the game, people. Green curry tastes better in Linden Hills.

// Avoiding inside time applies to the work day too. Rooftop office.

// It's no secret, I lived on that board this summer. It saved my life. Much needed time filler.

// Yoga in the beautiful Union Depot? Happened.

// Race crew'ed at Grandma's Marathon.

// Said goodbye to the east shore house. Let's leave it at that. Brutal.

// Ate pizza on a farm with my crew and fell in love with the place called Wisconsin.