Monday, December 17, 2012

never gets old

you know that feeling, around the holidays, when everyone is finishing finals and ready to take off for wherever their home is. leave the city, leave the semester behind, settle in and slow down for a while. yeah, that feeling. it never really gets old. in school, not in school you can still feel it, no? 

so get out and feel it. go on a long run, ditch the backpack, run like crazy away from school and forget about that final. because it's over.  maybe go to yoga, and do abs to this song.

Monday, December 10, 2012

depth over distance

| source: dream a little dream of me |

i don't think i have ever been a depths kind of runner. i am always for distance. surface-y. i have to have my garmin, know my pace, go longer, go harder than plan or it wouldn't count. but then there are runs like this...

| source: a very wild and free depth runner at heart | 

the runs where you don't have to right gear, or the perfect food enough time before, you leave the garmin at home, you run naked, no music. they're depth runs. not surface runs.

surface runs get me into trouble. surface runs get me too attached to results. looking back i think i may have had some depth runs. maybe we have different connections to depth, to distance at different times. our relationships to each are always changing....

but right now depth is challenge. and challenge is getting outside comfort zones. and that means getting off the pavement and on the trail. with my garmin at home.

note: i was having this conversation as i was walking in the across the stone arch bridge last night in the snow dream world. i was walking to get a kombucha across the bridge on st.anthony main. i think i am discovering some new-found cabin fever city style.