Friday, January 31, 2014

my waking hours // the tundra edition

Realized that I always talk about bringing breakfast to cool people and being a part of their cool mornings, but I never really talk about mine. 

Basically, they are the farthest thing from idyllic or interesting. I blame the dark + coldness that I stare at out my window when I peel my eyes open. 

Step 1 // 18 different alarms are going off. Consisting of Kesha, Beyonce & Aloe Blaac. Literally, 18 guys. My body does not do well with waking up to alarms. 
Step 2 // After the alarm brigade, I wander out to my living room and just sit on my couch. Just sit. Most often my eyes are still closed or I am looking out at my wall of frames that has yet to be hung, or random piles of clothes that are all over. 
Step 3 // I start soaking my muesli. If I'm lucky, I have mornings that start before the world wakes up and I start soaking cups upon cups of muesli for cool companies around the TC. Or, I try to find any jar in my kitchen that is clean and get 'dat muesli soaking. 
Step 4 // I turn on the music (never the news, always the music) and start catching up on emails from the night before. It is not until step 4 that I actually start getting productive. Step 4 also initiates the liquid brigade of the morning- cold press, water, a shot of apple cider vinegar, some fresh juice if i'm lucky and any other liqiuds I can find. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

three things

three things (of probably a million more) that a person can say to you that most often make you run like hell in the opposite direction. but some days, it works. maybe it's the music, or the bitter cold, or dreamy snow. i don't know guys. 

some days you need 3+ hours in a room away from your phone, your screen and that real world thing and things start to work. or you just aren't running like hell in opposition. 

Monday, January 20, 2014

most of my days //

// i end up running around (not literally, figuratively) our city bringing people free breakfast,
dropping off muesli to yoga studios, talking to people in grocery stores about what they eat for       breakfast. #doesntsuck

// most of the places involved are kick-ass companies, studios, people, artists, buildings, purveyors. here are a few from this week. daily reminders that amidst the frozen tundra, our 'hood kicks ass.

               // the data bank 

Friday, January 10, 2014

resolution (n)

The idea of NY resolutions, never really been my thing. Nike as a news source? My thing. Not brushing hair? My thing. Living in swimsuits for the entire summer? My thing. But this whole list of resolutions thing that happens every year as the magic of the holidays turns into the bleak (but yet, so full) onset of a fresh start? NOT my thing. (insert: totally overwhelming, like #holymolywtfwhyyyyy) 

But, then you take a girl who approaches the New Year with her old life (dramatic, sorry) in the rearview and afraid it's gone for good. How do you start to make a list of goals and resolutions and things you're gonna be better at when your better got taken away and replaced with crutches? 

Well, I guess you look at what a resolution really means. And, then moments later you realize why you had an issue/resistance/avoidance of resolutions.

Realization (via Merriam Webster's definition of resolution): if a resolution finds an answer or a solution to, there had to have been an original or true question or problem. Right? I'm not great with logic (don't believe in it), but that makes sense, right? To come to an answer, you first need a question. To come to a solution, you first need a problem. 

So, what happens when you resist/avoid/hide/RUN/sweat/yoga away from that question or that problem? 

You end up on crutches and learn the hard way. Experiential leaners that we are, life hits us hard because it has no other choice. 

If we are not going to ask the questions we know we need to ask ourselves, or confront the problems we know we have going on--- life will put them right in front of your face, deep in your bones, heavy on your heart and let life run it's course. 

How do we come out of it? Stay tuned. I don't know. It's still January. Still need to let these "resolutions" take hold. 

So, whatever you are letting take hold, or whatever you are resisting to take hold. Let it take hold. Or let it go. Let's see if we can kick these resolutions in the ass (in a good way). 

Thursday, January 2, 2014

make 365

And, I introduce you to the only (ONLY) New Year's ad that matters. 

Nike, duh.

: Resolutions are not supposed to last a month. They aren’t supposed to be recycled. They aren’t supposed to be forgotten. They aren’t supposed to be a lie you tell yourself year after year. Resolutions are meant to be kept. They're meant to stick. They're meant to change you. They're meant to make you better than you were last year; And better than last year starts by being better than yesterday. This year, don’t make a resolution. Make 365.#justdoit :

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