Friday, January 10, 2014

resolution (n)

The idea of NY resolutions, never really been my thing. Nike as a news source? My thing. Not brushing hair? My thing. Living in swimsuits for the entire summer? My thing. But this whole list of resolutions thing that happens every year as the magic of the holidays turns into the bleak (but yet, so full) onset of a fresh start? NOT my thing. (insert: totally overwhelming, like #holymolywtfwhyyyyy) 

But, then you take a girl who approaches the New Year with her old life (dramatic, sorry) in the rearview and afraid it's gone for good. How do you start to make a list of goals and resolutions and things you're gonna be better at when your better got taken away and replaced with crutches? 

Well, I guess you look at what a resolution really means. And, then moments later you realize why you had an issue/resistance/avoidance of resolutions.

Realization (via Merriam Webster's definition of resolution): if a resolution finds an answer or a solution to, there had to have been an original or true question or problem. Right? I'm not great with logic (don't believe in it), but that makes sense, right? To come to an answer, you first need a question. To come to a solution, you first need a problem. 

So, what happens when you resist/avoid/hide/RUN/sweat/yoga away from that question or that problem? 

You end up on crutches and learn the hard way. Experiential leaners that we are, life hits us hard because it has no other choice. 

If we are not going to ask the questions we know we need to ask ourselves, or confront the problems we know we have going on--- life will put them right in front of your face, deep in your bones, heavy on your heart and let life run it's course. 

How do we come out of it? Stay tuned. I don't know. It's still January. Still need to let these "resolutions" take hold. 

So, whatever you are letting take hold, or whatever you are resisting to take hold. Let it take hold. Or let it go. Let's see if we can kick these resolutions in the ass (in a good way). 


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    1. Molly, let's call it, preparing for seniorhood. #learningtolistentoourbodiesnow ... the hard way