Friday, January 31, 2014

my waking hours // the tundra edition

Realized that I always talk about bringing breakfast to cool people and being a part of their cool mornings, but I never really talk about mine. 

Basically, they are the farthest thing from idyllic or interesting. I blame the dark + coldness that I stare at out my window when I peel my eyes open. 

Step 1 // 18 different alarms are going off. Consisting of Kesha, Beyonce & Aloe Blaac. Literally, 18 guys. My body does not do well with waking up to alarms. 
Step 2 // After the alarm brigade, I wander out to my living room and just sit on my couch. Just sit. Most often my eyes are still closed or I am looking out at my wall of frames that has yet to be hung, or random piles of clothes that are all over. 
Step 3 // I start soaking my muesli. If I'm lucky, I have mornings that start before the world wakes up and I start soaking cups upon cups of muesli for cool companies around the TC. Or, I try to find any jar in my kitchen that is clean and get 'dat muesli soaking. 
Step 4 // I turn on the music (never the news, always the music) and start catching up on emails from the night before. It is not until step 4 that I actually start getting productive. Step 4 also initiates the liquid brigade of the morning- cold press, water, a shot of apple cider vinegar, some fresh juice if i'm lucky and any other liqiuds I can find. 

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