Wednesday, September 11, 2013

summer got full.

If the goal of summer is to live as chaotically as possible, I think I managed. More often than not I was in my swimsuit until the sun went down, my car had a constant supply of sand on the driver's side, I ended most days with that sun tired feeling in my bones and I consumed enough watermelon to feed a small (ok, fine, large) army.

There was a significant amount of time NOT doing certain things, so girl had to get creative. Enter: Gold Medal Park and Minneapolis city lakes. Some may say I overstayed my welcome in both places- the cost of overstaying your welcome in the lakes, not something I want to experience again. E.coli, next year I will defeat you.

So, summer got full. A lot went down. Most of it I loved, some of it kicked this latcher in the ass. 

// As per most seasons, spent a lot of time at Whole Foods. At times, in the parking lot snacking on dried fruit conversing life plans with the St.Paul staff. It happens. 

// Al fresco dining was the name of the game, people. Green curry tastes better in Linden Hills.

// Avoiding inside time applies to the work day too. Rooftop office.

// It's no secret, I lived on that board this summer. It saved my life. Much needed time filler.

// Yoga in the beautiful Union Depot? Happened.

// Race crew'ed at Grandma's Marathon.

// Said goodbye to the east shore house. Let's leave it at that. Brutal.

// Ate pizza on a farm with my crew and fell in love with the place called Wisconsin.

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