Sunday, September 16, 2012

wise words

so we run around, we live chaotic lifestyles, we make ourselves busy so we can't stop and think about what we are doing with our life.....
like what we are really doing with out life. we avoid because we are afraid of the answer. 

but my life guru/soul sister/really really great life mentor just imparted this gem of wisdom- as the youngest, the creative thinkers, the all-over-the-place free spirits (that all of us really are) living, feeling like we are going nowhere with out life, or feeling stuck, or wanderlust, or dreaming of all these great and bigger places, jobs, people to be. but this is not lost, it is not us failing, it's all part of the process, it's all us creating our own personal methodology. 

best thing you have heard in a long time, right? yeah...

so all of it, all the chaos
the back and forth from minneapolis to saint paul
rushing from work to physical therapy to meetings
 rushing to the next, living out of your car, never brushing hair
trying to read and learn about cool companies doing cool things
searching, exploring, falling in love with a new place
endless bags of clothes for every workout necessary in the car at anytime
getting to play/nanny the coolest kids i know, jamming out, going for fro yo
tackling rush hour to make it to yoga
surviving on coffee and kombucha....

it's all part of my personal methodology. 

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