Monday, June 24, 2013


i think latchers, (yes, that's a real word) are really good with denial. so good, that they can 
deny reality to the point where it's almost not happening and then BAM. you are in your driveway staring at a moving truck and about to spend your last night at the shore house. 

so there's that. a lot of that. since the shore goodbye, the last swim, the last bike, the last of it all- there's been a lot of latcher aftermath. consider it the latcher hangover if you will. 

so the sequence of events that follows is foggy but a few of the things that are catching on -

1. some teachers are a real bear. but every teacher has a purpose (a. ruth)

2. sometimes all you can do is hang tight (b. koepke)

3. drink lavender infused cocktails. outside. with your best friend. and with a loaf of bread and hummus.

4. anticipate nothing. feel everything

5. have long conversations on the phone with your cousins. 

6. be a race crew. 

7. be on the other side of the fence. if you don't love it, there's a reason. 

8. really bulk up on those healthy fats. the hummus-avocado-coconut oil excess will come in handy. it will. 

9. listen to music. loud. at all times. 

10. and just maybe when you're on the other side of the fence, you see things differently....

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