Thursday, November 21, 2013

i have so much of you

John Keats' love letters to Fanny Brawne are some of the most regarded secret love letters of all time. Why are we (collective we, but really it's just I) talking about secret love letters from the 1800's? 

Well, because now, nothing is really ever done in secret. And, writing letters is a total rarity. Am I right? We can gram', tweet and snapchat with the best of 'em....

But... how life changing is it when you get a letter, a handwritten note, a post-it note on a mirror. We don't need to write fancy, poetic, love letters. Life changing can be simple, and even done in pencil, no ink and fancy cursive required. 

A letter lets you know you're not alone.  You get to carry that person with you. You get to feel so much of someone in so much of some place.  

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  1. Yes! Love this. My grandma and I exchange letters all the time. Her notes, in her beautiful penmanship, are one of my most prized possessions :)