Wednesday, September 24, 2014

no need for science

I have never been one to need a deep, scientific, explanation of how things in this universe work. In fact, if you know me, you are aware that I prefer the opposite of that. Take science out, tell me how it feels, no textbook bullshit. 

So it goes with breath. We do it, most often subconsciously, for the pure sake of survival. Right? 

I do not need the science definition of breath. Let's keep it simple to start. Because once we get going, things get beautiful and complex. 

Breath (n): the air that you take into your lungs and send out from your lungs when you breathe. 

Inhale (v): to breathe in

Exhale (v): to breathe out, to give forth 

Why do I prefer science to remain out? Because I want real life to be in (self-diagnosed experiential learner). 

Real life lesson in breath: Monday at 12PM. My last class at the hotbox before I start my Sabbatical. You guys, you think 12PM on a Monday is ordinary, think again. 

The breath that filled the studio was beyond words. It blew all the Bon Iver, Asgeir & Antony on my playlist out of the water. There came a point where I stopped, stood in the back of the room, and for the first time EVER (I am the girl in yoga class basically not breathing, and the girl in the pool gasping for air every fourth stroke) understood the concept of breathing. 

The air that is being taken into our lungs is filled with energy. 

The air that is being sent out from our lungs is filled with energy. 

That energy is neither good nor bad, neither rich nor depleted, neither strong nor weak. 

With your inhales you choose to breathe in, to open your lungs, to take in whatever the hell you want. 

With your exhales you choose to breathe out (to give forth? WHATT?!?! Merriam-Webster, AMAZING!)whatever the hell you want. 

Think about it. Get into it. Or don't. 



Guess what? Those breaths? They get us through to the other side. 

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