Saturday, January 12, 2013

round it up.

what do you say i start doing a little weekly round up of things out there i am digging? partly to keep things i fall in love with in a safe place and not just mental noting' in my head, partly(mostly) sharing the love with ya'll with cool things i find and partly (again, mostly) sending shout-outs to people, companies, places doing kick-ass things, yeah. let's get on with it...

| drought | 
organic | glass-bottled | cold-pressed | raw juice 
DROUGHT is a subculture of healthful living created by five sisters 
who are masters of extracting abundance from simplicity. 
The idea evolved from a collective longing for accessible, fresh raw juice -- 
the need for a permanent oasis to rehydrate and revitalize.  
 Start digging, and join the living. 

five sisters, juicing in michigan, epic, right? also, should mention the way in which i stumbled upon this gem. i was hanging at the yoga studio and as a class was getting out one of the yogis had one of the drought glass bottles. i told her how much i loved the bottle, she proceeded to fill me in on how cool this company is. love the ways in which we discover things, the company you keep.

green kitchen stories |

this blog is beyond words of coolness. but as much as i don't really dig on new years the idea of starting my mornings with warm lemon water, super intriguing. as in i set an intention to start my mornings with this (alongside my coldpress obvs). i probably should mention i go to the grocery on average 2x a day, and i have yet to remember lemons. so the intention is going to start next week. but all is coming. and smoothies out of bowls, my new jam. seriously. it's so 2013. granola or cereal with green smoothie instead of milk. bowl it. 


orchard tables | 

in the beginning stages of orchard, our team noticed how prominent it is in our culture to tell stories around tables.
we thought: what if the same place we shared stories had a story of its own? what if a table had a story that would have a lasting impact on those who heard it? what if the place we shared meals became 
a source of providing meals for those in need? these ideas led to a vision 
to feed the starving children of swaziland, africa and orchard was born.  our concept is simple:
for every orchard table sold, fifteen starving children in swaziland will be fed for an entire month. 

there are three styles: the nashville, the minneapolis, the san diego. you know how i feel about a good sense of place. minneapolis' is described as 'cozy contemporary square table meets rustic charm.' yes please.  there is also this lovely little video , check it. 


cuyana |
CUYANA, \ku-YAHN-uh\
Cuyana means “to love” in Quechua, the traditional language of the Andean tribes. Help us create more love in the world by only buying products you adore- those with soul, story, sustainability, and community empowerment.

i really don't have the words that will do justice to this company. part of their mission is to 'create more love in the world'... yeah. 'nuff said. and how bad do you want to pack up this little weekend bag and head on a road trip. or to a small little island, or a cabin in the woods. 


  1. Thanks for featuring us Karin! Your blog is fabulous.

    Love always, Cuyana

    1. Shilpa-

      Your work is fabulous! You are so very welcome.

      Love + Light
      Gypsy Soul