Thursday, December 11, 2014

the tough love.

I get tough love-d a lot. 

By my dad (mostly), my sisters (i'm the youngest), my PT (who I spend more time with than anyone else in my life). The list goes on. 

Apparently, recovery has a high frequency of moments that some think require tough love. Today's topic: disparity. A great difference. Life application: certain muscles super strong, certain muscles super weak. 

In other words: Karin, I don't care how many pull-ups you can do, your glutes literally don't know how to fire. 

Then you get in your car, and want to cry, and just play Lil Wayne really loud. So loud that you can't think. But, then you realize you kind of have disparities scattered all about your life. 

Seriously split a piece of paper in 1/2. Make a list. It's freaking alarming. 

But, guys. I don't think the list (left to right) is the point. I think the point is not focusing on the ends. Rather, focusing on foster a collective better. Like, you're always going to have your killer strengths (oh, you can do handstand push-ups, umm awesome!) and you may never quite get how to fold fitted sheets (seriously, how do you do it?). But, where's your focus? 

Don't get trapped in only doing what you're good at (hi, GUILTY).  And, don't get trapped in getting overwhelmed by what you suck at. Focus on lessening the disparity. Make your worse better. And your better, will keep getting better. 

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