Saturday, February 22, 2014


how to spend a birthday, 
1. wake up to kesha alarm labeled "24 year olds have killer hips"
2. pick up peace coffee and deliver breakfast to Lululemon Grand Ave. 
3. head back across the river for a meeting with the good folks that put on the TC Marathon
4. gift yourself a long swim
5. have the best work family in the world take you to a long lunch at Barbette complete with the best cards and mimosas
6. get our ass kicked on a TRX workout
7. watch olympics while at PT
8. but a t-shirt at whole foods that says "hug dealer" because yolo it's your birthday
9. have dinner at your stomping ground restaurant in college (where everyone knows your name, and what to bring to the table the second you walk in) with your best friends
10. fall asleep to a birthday video from Old Chester Road

how to think about what went down in  your last year,
1. hip surgery happened, that was big and continues to be big. 
2. i got to go back out to the jerz for a few weeks and hang with my crew when Caroline went out west for the first leg of Keepers Book tour. That felt pretty full circle- that cookbook and that gypsy fed me for most of my growing up post-grad life
3. summer consisted of restricted activity, that led me to get a paddleboard and exist in a constant commute with board strapped to car trekkin' from downtown to the lake every day after work. Open lake swims, followed by sunset paddles, followed by a few run-in's with e.coli. #worthit
4. my parents sold the east shore house. one of those 'let's-pretend-that's-not-real' moments of 23
5. i moved and am still trying to actually live there, and nest, and live less out of my car. but, that may take another year. 
6. that twenty third year of life brought upon great career change- one being an internship that was a reality check of learning how that professional world works, the other was where I am currently. And, where I am currently is exactly where I'm supposed to be. 
7. To elaborate, my job now saved my twenty third year of life. (picture above)

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