Thursday, November 8, 2012

love list: city

because every city has loves, and all the loves need a list.

peace food cafe | 
(image source: peace food cafe)

my sister has only been talking about this gem for months now.this past weekend the pilgrimage to the famed peace food cafe happened. and a love affair was cemented. i had a roasted japanese pumpkin sandwich with walnuts, cashew paste and greens. it was out of this world. the speed in which i finished it was pretty astonishing. and their juice repertoire, wow. i had green lemonade- greens, apple, lemon and ginger root. yeah, that happened.
organic avenue | 
(image source: organic avenue)
confession, i was attempting to hit up peace foods for plane snacks before i headed to the airport but they don't open 'till 10am. this across the street, doesn't suck as an alternative though, yeah? (also should note, me seeking out plane snacks is a common ritual, that normally results in me almost missing flights. this was no different). and again, the upper west side just killing it with fresh juice bars. in a weak moment, i bailed on the green juice and got organic avenue's chocolate love smoothie. Purified Alkaline Water, Dates, Cashews, Irish Moss, Hemp Seeds, Cacao Powder... i don't even know what alkaline water means but i'm into it now.

le pain quotidien |
Le Pain Quotidien, doesn't take long for this place to feel like home. my obsession began summers ago and has not faded. it's one of those places where i literally could eat everything off the menu, and be forever happy. and super important to note that all le pain's have a huge communal table, barn wood, reclaimed, awesome. ga, i could go on forever on how much i love this place. i get real nostalgic for the place this time of year too, in london there was a le pain around the corner from the school i studied at. and we would go there to study, well mostly just eat, and drink endless coffee out of their pot of french press. sense of place. dam, i love le pain. 

otto | 
(image source: otto)
i first came to otto my first summer nannying in the jerz. my aunt does not mess around 
with good food. (read more about her food and life gypsy genuis status here: devil & egg). i don't think i have been back to the city since that first summer without a trip to otto. yes, we have a serious obession with this place. but their pizza, their bellinis... not worth missing. this time around, hurricane sandy left otto out of commision for a few days and when they were back up and running they had to make slight adjustments for that gnarly little storm. their swiss chard + goat cheese pizza was sandy-affected, so my sister and i had the tomato + pecorino + egg pizza and then loaded the arugula salad right on top. stellar. otto, you never cease to amaze. 

eataly | 
eataly, wow. i really can't even to express this place in words. didn't have adequate time to take it all in. the conversation between my sister and i pretty much sums up how stoked i was to check this place out though. 

N: we're at eataly.
K: ahhhggggg WAIT FOR ME. 

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