Thursday, November 15, 2012

soundtrack to my morning.

this was my waking up song. aka i am driving at 5am and get to places and don't even realize how i got there. enter bon iver soothing my morning bones to come to awaken. 

same love

this was my jam out, fully awake, get riled song that i played at that moment that you are almost to the place you are getting to. and you have to have just the right song for your last moments in the car to get you ready for whatever you are about to arrive to. yeah, that's this song.

this was that song that when it comes in a yoga class you have to look up from your downdog with a huge smile on your face because you are loving on this jam and it just came on in sun b. day maker. 

took me a while to remember what song this was, because it was that song that we burnt our arms out to. push-ups, triceps, biceps, madonna arms. rinse and repeat. rinse and repeat. my arms and shoulders were screaming at me that i think i blocked out the song for a bit. but it came back to me. my life would suck without fusion yoga and gitte. 

drop it low | 
i feel like songs like this do better with no explanation. no judging necessary, you will re-fall in love with it. trust me. it was most enjoyed today on our drive to run the trails at lebanon hills. talk about a hidden gem. this place is pure magic. 

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