Wednesday, November 7, 2012

what's your anyway?

i was lucky, lucky to take a last minute long weekend to nyc. who knew that when a hurricane is anticipated to rock the east coast, one can find a crazy cheap non-stop round-trip flight to jfk. (confession: took me the longest time to realize this was the case of me scoring a cheap flight last minute)

it was a weird feeling surrounding this trip though. the east coast was rocked. the marathon was cancelled. shores had been changed forever, power was out, gypsies were cold (i.e. my lovely jersey gypsies), gas "was being hoarded like it was the fucking hunger games", champagne and candles were the go-to.

i was trying to use this city weekend as a means to run away from stuff here, but then i was like well whaaaat am i doing, i am flying to actual disasters, mother nature disasters. flew out early on a saturday,  had an interesting trek into the city, a total mixed bag of public transportation, cab sharing with strangers, trekking with the backpack.

but from the moment i sat down to lunch at le pain with my sis and parents i knew some pretty serious weekend fun was about to happen. i suppose i should mention that the original intent of this weekend was for marathon weekend, in which my super fast mama and her running pals were signed up to take on the boroughs and race the city.

but something beautiful happened. sunday thousands of people showed up to run what became coined as the #runanyway marathon. i got to walk over to central park with my sister, dad, aunt, uncle, cousin, baby charlotte, and friends and watch thousands of people from all over the world run anyway. my mom and her crew ran 28 miles. so badass. and so cool.

think about it. what would you do anyway... if all bets were off, the pressure was lifted, no one was watching, it became an intentional choice instead of a 'have-to', you could do whatever your heart was wanting...

what's your anyway?

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