Sunday, November 25, 2012

so it goes.

because life happens. ultimatums are put out there. big life choices apparently have to be made. 

so you just embrace this song on repeat and consider it a sign from the universe that kombucha went on crazy sale at whole foods. that's right lovers- case of kombucha for $21.60. you have time. get to whole foods before this magic vanishes and we return to $3.69 kombucha tomorrow. i'm hoping my case lasts me 'till wednesday. optimistic? yes. 

| bon iver i can't make you love me | 

beyond bon iver and kombucha, something big is going on that will make this week not suck. my bestie/partner-in-crime/mom/best maker of pb-nana toast/trilogy queen/ life teacher has her first week teaching. middle school science kids in northeast prepare to get your world rocked. miss anne is going to change the world in the best ways. 

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