Thursday, August 23, 2012


source: yellow barn wellness
magic on a sunday night. in a yellow barn. with a little sunset flow.
i don't think i can speak to how amazing this place really is. i'm talking that real, raw smell of wood. like come on. is there anything better?

 there is something so simple and beautiful about a barn, yeah? and maybe it's this cooped up, pavements and city thing that draws us to the opposite. but it's incredible. it really is out of this world to be able to do yoga in a beautiful place, with beautiful people as the sun goes down and as the world is slowly going to rest.

you reconnect. you reclaim. you re-figure out why you do what you do and why you move the way you move. there's something about bon iver, reclaimed wood, the sunset and gitte guiding that create something pretty awesome.

and stubborn love by the lumineers was on the playlist. killing me gitte. you are some kind of amazing.  but seriously, the yellow barn check out their site. how beautiful is their space? how bad do you want to host farm to table dinners there that include yoga?

source: yellow barn wellness

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