Sunday, August 19, 2012

send more mail.

" they don't teach you this in school. 
they don't show you the beauty of existing. 
they don't show you the wonder of the earth.
 they don't show you the unity that human beings are. 
they don't show you who's better, who's worse. 
they don't show you love. "
(author unknown)

it's the simple things that i look back on and wonder why that wasn't what i was learning in school. right? 

let your body rest, heal and grow strong. give it rest and nourish it. grow the foods that will nourish your body. get your hands dirty so you are not just reading about vitamin b and the nutrients found in dark leafy greens you are seeing them take root and grow. 

sleep is important, super important. i was not aware that our bones needed 8 hours of sleep each night to repair and regain their strength from the wear and tear we put them through each day. that is something i would have listened to in science class. 

send more mail. practicing cursive on that soft, fuzzy, weird paper with the dashed line through the center of each line, yeah you know what paper i am talking about. when you would erase your lower case a because your hump went above the dashed line and your tail went below the bottom line your eraser would create even more fuzz on your paper. yeah, that paper. all that time we were practicing fancy cursive, why weren't we writing letters, making homemade envelopes, addressing/postaging and walking together as a class to the little blue blue post office box around the bend. 

yeah. to send more mail. that is curriculum i can get behind. it shows us the beauty of existing, the unity that human beings are and it shows us how to love and be loved. 


  1. do you take all these photos with your iPHONE??

  2. Prevale 24-

    Yes, i take all the pictures with my Iphone unless otherwise noted. And they often can be iphone photos edited with instagram. But yeah, gotta love the iphone camera.