Monday, August 27, 2012


'so you come back to your breath
over and over again
that is your victory'
- gitte

my inability to run seriously throws my perspective of victory out of whack. my victory no longer gets to be that feeling after a 20 mile training run. or a sports bra run in the middle of the day under the summer sun followed by a jump in the lake. or a run that turns into a speed workout with someone who is faster than you and knows how to kick your ass. or that feeling on race morning; the nerves, the adrenaline, the sheer love and drive and hurt running through your veins. 

yeah, those are no longer my victories. but last night at the yellow barn brigitte said this. coming back to breath can be your victory. it's so good. so good. reframing victory is big for me. it's something i need to reframe over and over again. and maybe it's not breath, perhaps it's coming back to movement over and over again.  or coming back to energy over and over, passion, reflection, spontaneity, love, adventure. come back to the things that trip us up, that we lose sight of. come back to it over and over.


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