Thursday, August 16, 2012

the moments.

| bring your breath to tightness
with your exhale send out energy |
r. mclaughlin

i will never be able to recreate this moment, or the words, or sequence of songs that hit just so right. but today made me realize that's pretty cool. when a a moment, a series of moments, 60 minutes of moments can get you in such a way that you can't recreate it that's pretty amazing, right?

today was that. un-duplicated. some crazy beautiful stuff happening in a sun-filled yoga studio, with exposed wood beams, broken bodies, powerful souls and breath. i struggle with breath, i struggle with listening to it, with embracing it's quite pace. but today i heard breath in a new way, through a new voice. send your breath to your tightness, to the aching soreness, to the part of your body that screams at you when you wake up it's still sore from you kicking it's ass the day before. and with your exhale, send it out as energy. 

i am lucky. lucky is the only word i can think of, and it is so lacking but it's all i can think of. i am lucky to have spent 60 minutes in a yoga studio being led by ryan and practicing next to micah. and i can't write down every piece of mindblowing wisdom or dharma talk that comes from ryan, nor can i capture and bottle the energy of flow and breath that is micah on her mat.

but the moments are not lost on me. the moments happened. that was real life. a thursday afternoon in the city i love. 

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