Sunday, July 15, 2012

etsy (lust)

etsy (lust); the wanderlust of the world wide web. you can get lost in it. i just did. 
i had every intent of doing work on the shop, but etsy (lust) took over. before i knew it i had spent endless minutes jumping around from one favorite to the next, connecting with more and more super talented people with a focus on the idea of craft, artisanal, of working with your hands to create something beautiful.

the type of beautiful that you just can't find when the machine is cranking it out. so i would love to share my etsy (lust) on this sunday..because sharing makes it totally productive, right?

untold imprint ]
subtle. natural. earthy | hand printed textiles

rocky top soap shop ]
"You get the sense that you have been transported to a world past, where things are a bit more simple. Indeed, this is the way life should be."

wind and willow home ]
"I am constantly inspired by the change in seasons, stunning sunsets and beautiful blooms. Each batch is inspired by the simplicity and classic lines of nature"

(do i need to mention that araya, the artist behind wind + willow is a minneapolis locale, raised on the north shore. yeah, cool factor is through the roof)

sparrow nest script ]
" My craft centers on the visually pleasing arrangement of words on a page and combines my love of words both as tools for communication and as works of art in themselves.
I'm very environmentally aware when I create."

(because, well hello.. i am a total sucker for a good card)

son of a sailor ]
"playful creation and collaboration."

(confession, i have been lusting after this for some time now. it has spent some serious time in my cart. i think it is time to pull the trigger. check out william and jessica's blog as well )


  1. wind + willow. simply obsessed.

  2. i know, i want to eat salads and oatmeal and greek yogurt out of her bowls all the time.

  3. What a lovely collection of finds! I'm honored that you featured my postcards, too. xo

  4. Thank you, Karin! This is so wonderful.