Saturday, July 14, 2012

yoga | studio

i am going to try something.  it may be short lived. but it could be something beautiful.
i have a deep love for yoga. and for now that is where i am at with it, i have not grown into it's full and whole meaning. it is a love of my life and i am sweating with it as much as i can.

and i think it is time i start taking my lover outside the four walls of the studio. mixing things up, fusing things together, taking the mind blowing and awesome dharma talk from my teachers and applying it to my real life (like actually doing it).

it is kinda like this. i have a chronic problem of stocking up on outrageous adventure pictures and quotes on my ipad that evoke this lifestyle of living wild and free. i have a running document on my desktop that i compile 'random musings' of quotes that i encounter on blogs that look great on a card or as picture on your mirror. and then there's the life inside the yoga studio that i mentally compile all the lessons, all the symbolism, all the connections of breath and movement... but then i sweat it out for an hour, namaste and leave.

so, it is time to connect. yeah? life in the studio and my life outside are coming together. (because really they are the same thing) we'll see how it goes, perhaps it may be a weekly thing? but i can't handle a plan, so let's keep it free-form. and in all honesty, i am still searching for the right title for this little series. i do know i want to pair pictures with words...

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