Sunday, July 22, 2012


rituals. not habits. rituals should feel good, have a hint of nostalgia perhaps.

whenever i head back to the lake i enter my own little ritual heaven. one of my favorites, my go-to's, my ritual that i will hold on to for dear life - reading a magazine on the dock, deck, or porch depending on time of day and sun situation.

case in point, this weekend. after a day on the lake i retreated to my ritual; my fort. let's be real, we are essentially calling our rituals our down dogs of life. where we go to recover. my body had that sun tired high. la vida was full. and i got to read food & wine and drink ice cold lemon water out of my favorite water bottle. 

rituals. they can root us. they can restore us. they can let us savor moments of sun-tired, lake hair, non-showered, dirty barefeet. they are pretty awesome, huh.

i could go on for days on rituals. what's yours? 

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