Tuesday, July 17, 2012

summer house

i really do not know how to properly introduce this movie. that is how good it is. and coming from me, that is saying alot. i find it impossible to listen to a song in it's entirety before skipping to the next and any youtube clip someone sends me that is over 30 seconds is probably not happening. so this is good. really good.

scott schuman + garance dore are behind this lovely little j.crew video. their work is unbelievable. i have actually used this video of scott schumans' for my capstone entrepreneurship class. they both have the ability to captivate through their lens. this will take you places. i can smell the salty ocean air.
i mean it is just everything; the bracelets on his wrist, the red rugged jeep, the big chunky sweater.

fall in love for yourself. go somewhere with it. 

 video: courtesy of j.crew

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