Friday, July 6, 2012

where i'm coming from

in thinking about home, a sense of place, my roots this whole graduating from college thing and having an infinite open future ahead of me tends to ignite that panicky feeling. and when i say tends to, i mean it totally sends me into cartwheels of panic. in a good way, perhaps? and recently while running and having life conversations my friend had the profound philosophy that 'we are so young and have the opportunity for home to be anywhere.' it's cool right, when certain moments, certain people, certain ideas get you at your core and make sense.

 where i'm coming from. my sense of place, my roots are a product of my wanderlust and gypsy soul. scattered all over, the following places being realized and so many still unrealized, because who knows where i will be in a month, a year... i like to think that figuring out my next step is a last minute thing, because what i realized on that hot summer run was home can be anywhere. 
old chester road.

eternally home: the shore

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