Monday, July 30, 2012

love list: maine roadtrip

the best part of summer is here. i flew out east to my summer gypsy crew a few days ago to join the annual summer vaca' to maine. pretty lucky to be back with these people yet again. new jersey doesn't just feel like home, new jersey is home. hence my love for 32 old chester road.

so begins this series of love lists. two weeks in maine is an epic adventure of sorts, so this love list is featuring solely the loves we have during our road trip from New Jersey to our heavenly oasis in Midcoast Maine.

Portsmouth, New Hampshire; the cutest east coast village ever is our halfway point, break in driving, overnight stay. 8+ hour drive with kiddos (myself included) is no joke, it is not happening without stopping. and i mean, portsmouth is dreamy, it definitely doesn't suck. it's the best

paper and lifestyle stores. they kill me. this one as displayed by the pictures has some pretty ridiculous windows. and first summer we strolled into this hidden gem, they had a huge collection of emersonmade original collection flowers. 

off the beaten path, really awesome bread, strong and ridiculous coffee, cool people working, inhabited by the locals. basically fits all the requirements the gypsies are looking for. happened to run into our favorite shop owner from the night before the morning we were at ceres. at that point, we knew we belonged at ceres street bakery.

                                          | 158 Pickett Street Cafe- Portland, Maine | 
road tripping and traveling with caroline is awesome for many reasons. one of them being her amazing discovery and knowledge of ever artisanal, cool, and off the beaten path people doing awesome things with food in their locale. case in point, 158 pickett street. cool story behind this little gem, boyfriend/girlfriend duo (no longer, they had to split the starter) who created artisanal bagels with a sourdough starter of sorts. and then went to a whole new level of crazy by crafting a menu with killer sandwiches. i had 'the hippie'- sesame bagel loaded with hummus, carrots, cucumbers, greens.. and then  i added pesto and eggs. i landed in bagel heaven, and i didn't even know that was possible. not to mention their killer back courtyard, local kombucha, cold press and whimsical bathroom that conor and belle spent half a lifetime in. 
| Standard Baking Company- Portland, Maine |
another hotspot i have been introduced to thanks to caroline. the first time i came was right before i was catching a bus to head to Boston. this place is magical, old warehouse building, you walk in to a counter facing rows of beautiful bread. i believe i carried a classic french baguette and chocolate sea salt cookie onto my bus ride to boston. gypsy travel snacks. and their peach iced tea is heavenly.

 | Rock Paper Scissors- Wiscasset, Maine | 
this may or may not be one of the most dangerous stops on our way to the beach cottage in maine. it is across the street from the most renowned lobster roll joint in maine. never mind the lobster rolls, in the town of Wiscasset Rock, Paper, Scissors has all of our hearts. it is the most beautiful designed, displayed, selected paper store I have ever come across. each year we lose our minds in this store. is now a good time to admit that both of these photos are from two summers ago, the past two summers I have been so entranced and committed to this store that I have not been able to take out my phone to snap any pictures, too focused on the paper. this year I scored some killer new colors/designs of washi tape, a beautifully simple lower case stamp set, kraft paper envelopes. a lot of crafting takes place on stormy maine mornings. pictures to come of rock, paper, scissors inspired creations. 

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